october 16

My favorite season is finally here! I find that in the Fall I dress my best. I like to layer and mix things together, and with Fall the amount of options a person has for choosing different pieces is limitless.

This year I have been adding in more of a 60s/70s feel to my look (that is normally 90s inspired). Hats are my new favorite thing this year. I’ve been stocking up on the wool, floppy hats. I find that they are great when my hair is unruly but also a nice way to make something look modern and retro at the same time.



I’ve also added in more ankle boots. My wardrobe last season consisted of 15 styles of combat boots (all of which got destroyed last winter). I still love my combat boots but started to mix in some other styles.


This year has brought a lot of change for me, and I’m happy to see that I’ve started to integrate a new style into my current one to keep pushing me forward.

Happy Friday!



october 1

I decided to break away from the monotony of OOTD posts and focus on some really cool accessories and home decor items. I really like mix and matching things, like florals with stripes, lace with leather, and the past with present.

Studying historic costume and textiles has really helped open my eyes to the fact to keep the past relevant, it must be brought into the present. Here are some items (one of which I own) that have brought the past into the present, and hopefully will catch the eyes of kids today that may not know much about the story behind some of these people and works of art.

Marie Antoinette Salt & Pepper Shaker Set- Modcloth

This is my own personal item. Marie Antoinette is one of the most fascinating historical characters (at least to me she is). This set is beautiful, very cooky, but also educational. Great conversation starter!


Hogarth A Rake’s Progress collection- Dr. Martens

Based on a series of paintings from 1732-33 by William Hogarth, the series , which parts can be seen in the shoes and bag below, depicts the demise of Tom Rakewell, who recklessly spends his money on an extravagant lifestyle of gambling, prostitution, and luxurious living. All of which lead him to being put into a mental institution.




Frida Kahlo pillow, towel set, and curtains- Mod cloth

Mexican artist who became known for her self portraits. And marriage to muralist Diego Rivera.



These are just a few of the cool ways the past is being brought into present. History is all around us; you just have to open your eyes.

september 29

Still alive! Grad school has been keeping me super busy. I have been going nonstop since my last post. I have some really awesome pieces that I can’t wait to share for OOTD posts. I also got my hair cut and recolored. So lots of new things happening in my personal style as well as my life.

Friday I will be going to the Big E in Massachusetts so I’ll be posting a really fun OOTD then.

Also hello to all my new followers!


august 20

I’ve been recycling outfits since my last post. I’m trying to get things in order for school and also clean out my closet of things I no longer wear or use.

It’s been so hot outside this past week that I’ve been dressing for comfort instead of style. Today was a really simple t-shirt and jeans kind of day. I find that wearing a pop of lipstick also makes an otherwise simple outfit stand out just a little more. So for today I wore my new Alice In Chains tour shirt I got last Friday and Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Hexagram.


Soon I will be back to posting the regular OOTD posts. For now head over to my closet and see what I’ve been posting the last few days (Also I’m about to be a grad student so I need all the help I can get)!

august 11

Today I thought I would post some detailed picks of the beginning of my Fall wardrobe. Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it. I find that my style is at its best during these months. This year I’m all about rich colors, textures, and prints. I’ll be sporting a lot of the deeper tones, velvet, suede, lace accents, and plaid. For accessories, I’ve accumulated some more wool hats and chunkier shoes. And some faux frames. I can’t wait to share these items in full OOTD pics for the season.







What’s your favorite thing about Fall? Tell me in the comments below!

august 6

Thought I would share my outfit for today before I head out for work. I’m getting antsy for Fall so I try to incorporate little Fall-like elements into my wardrobe. The light olive green and crystal layered necklace are great pieces that I can easily transition into my Fall look. Of course, I paired with my favorite kimono and relaxed fit skinny jeans.




I have some great pieces for Fall lined up that I can’t wait to share! What’s your favorite Fall looks? Tell me in the comments below.

july 28

So I decided to get a little funky with Frida Kahlo today. It’s super humid and gross outside and I want to be cute and comfortable for the movies.







Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists. Her work was vibrant and colorful much like the print in this dress. If you have time definitely check her our out! (Just click here ).

P.s. I have a cool Canon Powershot camera I’m learning how to use and will be utilizing it for future posts.

july 21

I really like to layer, but with the temperature getting up into the 90’s the last few days it’s been hard for me to get dressed. Especially since I live in a building that’s 130 years old and does not have central air conditioning. Today I had a few errands to run, so I kept it simple and comfortable.





This is one of my favorite go-to outfits. If I find myself not knowing what to wear, I throw this on. What’s your favorite go-to look? Tell me in the comments below.

july 13

Carrie Bradshaw has served as a fashion inspiration for many people. My personal favorite looks of her is when she takes something elegant and pairs it with something casual (well we can thank Patricia Field for that). This past weekend I channeled one of my favorite Carrie looks: a midi skirt. She wears a variety of these throughout the show. My personal favorites are these two looks:


This past week I decided to take a queue from Carrie and wear a midi skirt and paired it with a graphic shirt.





Since this look is about tv inspiration instead of music, I want to know what characters inspire your fashion. Tell me in the comments below 🙂

july 7

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA for awhile. My work schedule has been busy, and I started exercising after work. So blogging has been put off a little bit this past week. Today I took a quick pic of my outfit before I headed out the door. It was so muggy and hot outside I opted for something cool.

I normally don’t like wearing shorts, but I got these awesome floral ones from Torrid. I highly recommend these shorts. They’re not too short or tight and are super comfortable. I paired it with a kimono and band tee, of course.


I promise this week I will return with more detailed posts. Plus I got some cool pieces at work I can’t wait to wear.